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Tornado Hunters CMT TV show Funny Entertaining Educating Exciting Greg Johnson, Chris Chittick,Ricky Forbes – the idea girl says THUMBS UP!

January 14, 2016

Tornado Hunters CMT TV show Funny Entertaining Educating Exciting Greg Johnson, Chris Chittick,Ricky Forbes – the idea girl says THUMBS UP!

the idea girl says

I love watching the TV Show Tornado Hunters. I find it educates me about the CLOUDS and WINDS, WEATHER preceeding a Tornado siren!

It’s good for you to watch this show (all ages) so you can too become educated on how a tornado forms up in the sky.

Those dark ominous clouds give you SIGNALS before a Tornado happens.

so do animals, birds and insects, which I think Greg, Chris, and Ricky could build into a “workshop” for school, university and adults so that people become aware of their surroundings.

Yes we study the storms while they happen, but how many people know the warning signs?

ANTS build a slant towards the direction RAIN will fall so it will not come into their ANT hill.

BIRDS sit on telephone wires in Groups, facing the direction of a storm 24 to 48 hours before it hits an area…

the MOON has ice particles that form a HALO around it at night, 24 to 48 hours before rain or a storm hits an area.

I’m going to offer my “advice” and ask the guys to implement this into their DATA research before and after a storm.

Pay attention to animals and birds, while on your travels.

Keep track of any odd things that happen along the way.

The momma bear with the cubs viral video, looks cool. It was my FIRSt time seeing it here in Canada in January 2016.

I watch your show in evenings and late at night because I find it fun, entertaining and educating.

you have something great here. I know you often talk about it costing lots of money to do the show, and having to sell your footage of actual tornadoes to pay the bills.

I’d apply for a government grant for an “educating course” which you can offer the towns, cities that you travel too.

so you can record storms, and you can educate and do workshops along the way. I’d hire a speaker, to travel along, so if a big storm comes up, you can leave them to do the workshop and go film and then come back and share another time… 🙂

Also I’d get music from new artists sent in for your road trips that require “songs”, you will get THEIR fans interested in your show and you can do mini clips of cool things you see along the way.

Keep the songs, country rock style, or something along those lines… It will boost your ratings on TV as well.

I know a WINNING show when I see one. #Prediction you will have the fame and money you dream of in 2016! 🙂

see TWIN Tornadoe’s spinning at the same time across the field close to their cool Tornado Hunter’s Pick Up Truck

1143 hits

let’s play pass this video on and let’s give it more views! thanks!

the idea girl says
I’m going to blog your other videos on my other #weather #severe #predictions #tornado #blog.

I’m asking all GLOBAL bloggers, to do the same! We love this type of footage and your TV show is cool! 🙂


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