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Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Helps Syrian Refugees Gives them Money but Leaves CAnadian Children in Victoria’s tent city out in the FREEZING blizzards and SNOW storms?

January 15, 2016

the idea girl says

we don’t mind helping people out, but don’t you think we also need to take care of our children in our own country?

Why hasn’t Prime Minister Justin Trudeau come up with a plan to END homelessness not only for Children, teens but adults already living in Canada?

You freely give money, housing and jobs to people coming into our country to help them out, yet were still having a major problem here at home in Canada that NEEDs to be fixed, asap!

We are looking very BAD to the international community!

Who wants to invest in a country that doesn’t seem to care about the welfare of it’s own people?

That is going to affect many people’s, investors decisions. They want stability!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I applauded you on showing solidarity and stability when you took most of our Government people with you to the Global Warming Conference.

I applauded you on winning a political race, with many odds against you.

Now I’m waiting to applaud you on coming up with a way to deal with this issue.

It’s winter time!

If the teens are not happy in the “group, foster homes” and many of them are, it’s because things aren’t RIGHT in those homes!

If the kids want to be on their own, at 15, 16 they are old and responsible enough to do so.

create a welfare type plan for them, get them on their feet.

Low cost housing, job prospects, they can have help with that too.

help them settle their life, and get a career and your reward is going to be more municipal, provincial, federal tax dollars in your pocket, to develop new research and technologies which will produce more jobs not only for all Canadians, but also for the refugees and people we take under our wings and continue to help out in the future!

saw the story here today jan 15, 2016

Victoria’s tent city
A 16-year-old foster child in Victoria, B.C. who has bounced around group homes since she was 13, is supposed to be under provincial care until she is 18, but instead, CTV News has found her living in a commune of tents on the lawn of the Victoria courthouse.

BC welfare programs.

the idea girl says
19 and over, I see your problem, you need a card for children, teens UNDER 19 for ID. So they can work, get jobs, and find a home to live in on their own, should they chose not to be in your foster home program.. why not do a direct pay to landlords for renters? this will take care of the rent issues.

as for groceries,you can provide gift cards for various stores, that are monitored and handed out by local community help programs in BC – food banks?

the kids need ID in order to apply for social assistance. They will need a clinic to get a copy of their birth certificate, SIN #, and you can provide a temporary post office box, run by a local teen program where they can pick up their mail and have a phone line (like we do in ontario 211 – where people can leave PHONE messages for people (only important organizations, not friends, or family unless of course it’s an emergency!)

apply for your sin card you need picture id…

in ontario we have PAID – partners for Access and Identification Project

quote blog
Partners for Access and Identification (PAID) Project
Partners for Access and Identification (PAID)This city-wide program helps vulnerable people get the identification they need to access health care, sources of income such as pensions, and other services. Because of the nature of street life, ID is often lost or stolen, and without basic ID—such as a birth certificate, health card or social insurance number—it is impossible to access basic services or find employment. We have over 40 PAID clinic sites in the GTA, and we serve approximately 8,000 homeless people annually.

Through regularly scheduled clinics throughout the city, PAID program works to help individuals who do not have a permanent address.

ID Workers can only assist clients with the following documents:

Birth Registration
Canadian Birth Certificate – wallet size
Record of Landing – replacements
Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card – replacement
Ontario Health Card, if person does not have an address and ID

– See more at:

the idea girl says
You’ll need to expand this program across Canada for all person’s in a homeless situation.

The food banks and local communities already have a set of volunteers set up to help expand this into their divisions.

we can also rely on “student Volunteers” that need School Academic Credits – Social Services and Office jobs for the clerical side of things. They would have to sign a confidentiality agreement. We can also develop a career, jobs in this field across Canada.

You can get businesses to sponsor the program, advertising things that people will NEED to buy, purchase for their home, food, clothing etc.

Many of our local community donation stores are throwing OUT clothing, furniture because they have NO where to put it.

We need to provide warehouse, sorting space for these things. Kids, teens and adults can all volunteer to help with this sorting as well.

there’s tons of empty warehouses around canada, that can be used temporarily for this sort of thing.


as for housing, there’s many old hotels, and vacant buildings, old schools (we build a new school and 3 schools sit there for SALE) , churches can rent out space, etc. Just like you did for the Syrians and Refugees we can solve our problems here in Canada as well.


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