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Leslie Stein (The Secrets of the Keys Robin Jay Film) on Leadership

January 30, 2016

Leslie Stein (The Secrets of the Keys Robin Jay Film) on Leadership

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the idea girl says

I’m taking my time blogging each of the speakers youtube videos so that I’ll continue to have great blog content for the next 6 months. lol

Usually I only do the entertainment, film, news projects, on a Friday or Saturday if I have time to do it!

And that’s only if I’ve finished the “to do projects” from Monday to Thursday.

I was ill for three months, so everything took a back burner. I’m feeling better now so I can concentrate on my writing, blogging, entertainment news projects.

Plus I went to a presentation a few weeks ago and blogged that with the Pamoja Ministries – disciplining cultures through media. They have new TV Shows and Films being released in East Africa – Tanzania, and I had to take a day or two to catch up on that project which was supposed to be blogged two weeks ago! 🙂

I have a briefcase full of “to do” notes for 7 projects, this month alone, so I’m going to have to do a lot of juggling to get around to each speaker. I’ll just do one or two videos for their channel each month, and that will work better for my schedule.


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