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Love It or List It Toronto Women’s Network Channel 27 Cogeco

February 1, 2016

Love It or List It Toronto Women’s Network Channel 27 Cogeco

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the idea girl says

It’s always an argument between Hilary Farr and David Visentin on Love It or List It, not only with themselves but sometimes with their clients that have hired them to fix up their house, or find them a new home to buy.

It’s interesting to see how things can deterorate in an older home. I think it’s great to watch this show to educate yourself on things that can go wrong with a home. There are signs, and now when I watch my favorite show, I pretty much have an idea of what’s wrong and i’m like “oh oh, the budget’s going to CUT another room to be renovated!”

I find every show seems to have that issue, where people are not happy with the amount of money being spent to fix their home, and then when they see the results they are usually in awe of the new renovated look!

Interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin compete for the affections of fed-up homeowners looking to either renovate or sell, as Farr transforms their worn-out space into a welcoming one while Visentin works to find them a new home. At the end of each hourlong episod


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