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Married By Mom and Dad (Sneak Peek) Cogeco TLC Channel 30 Sunday’s 10 pm

February 1, 2016

Married By Mom and Dad (Sneak Peek) Cogeco TLC Channel 30 Sunday’s 10 pm

the idea girl says
I kept seeing the commercials and wondered, what on earth does it mean? Married by Mom & Dad. So my interest was peeked and at 1 am last night I watched it!

Arranged marriages, for people having issues finding their soulmates. They trust their parents to help them out.

It’s old school – arranged marriages have happened for thousands of years. Some are successful, some are not.

You can see the discomfort of the couples, so it’s very realistic!

It’s kind of fun you feel uncomfortable along with them. And the constant pauses, in the conversations, you notice, one will be chatty, the other quiet, or one is excessively chatty ( a sign of nervousness) and the other is more relaxed and HIDING their discomfort to the person, but they let their HAIR down and relax and tell all to their friends. (secrets kept right at the beginning!)

it’s a great way to study people’s reactions.

I was laughing when I saw the groom for the one bride. He’s almost a twin in looks to the father (picturing him at a later age) You can see the similarities!

And sure enough, the two of them hit it off when they meet at the altar…

I’m going to enjoy watching this show because I love to study people’s emotions in my own photo life.. 🙂

quote yt.

MARRIED BY MOM AND DAD is a modern take on voluntary arranged marriages, based on old school tradition and real world success. Four singles who have been unable to find love in the world of modern dating, have now agreed to put their future into the hands of their parents.


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