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On The Next New Episode of Shannon & Sophie… W Network Cogeco

February 1, 2016

On The Next New Episode of Shannon & Sophie… W Network Cogeco


the idea girl says

Shannon and Sophie crack me up in more ways than one. I love it when they challenge each other’s “BAD habits” who will do it first? And the winner gets to wash all those cute little dogs!”

It was cool to see one of the “property brother’s guys on their show!”

I was all excited to see him on there and wondering if he’s going to update the condo… lol

I was laughing my ass off as things get complicated for the girls, after Shannon puts a measly $5 bet on a condo… than wins. Problem is, she’s NOT supposed to shop or spend money LOL

so it’s funny how she works at getting out of this pickle without Gene finding out about it… 🙂

The wife and daughter of rock ‘n’ roller Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed and Sophie Tweed-Simmons, begin a new chapter on W Network’s series “About Shannon and Sophie.” As Sophie turns 21 and begins adulthood — with her own charity and ambitions to be a singer and actress — mom Shannon is there to see that it’s the right direction. In each episode, the pair take on the world, as new issues arise for a mother and daughter who won’t take “no” for an answer. Despite their differences and the challenges that come with celebrity, the two remain best friends.


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