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Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder Song) @DaltonRapattoni & Chris Daughtry – Top 24 Duet – AMERICAN IDOL Final Season 15 – FEb 2016

February 19, 2016

Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder Song) Dalton Rapattoni & Chris Daughtry – Top 24 Duet – AMERICAN IDOL Final Season 15 – FEb 2016


the idea girl says

What a WILD reaction from the girls and guys at American Idol! You can see all the GIRLS swooning with goo goo eyes as soon as “big blue eyes” Dalton Rapattoni steps out to sing on stage.

Rocking along with Chris Daughtry – it was great mix of vocals and lots of energy!

I would LOVE to see Dalton do a song with the band – One Direction. A new song – create a hit! I think they would blend well together as a special performance!

I can see that happening #predictionfeb192016 🙂
I can also see Dalton’s a fan favorite, his video has 2,000 more views than his fellow contenders! 🙂

I’ll bet it’s those gorgeous, big blue eyes. 🙂

I really loved it Dalton when you say “off the cuff” as you leave the camera shot.

“I can’t imagine a world where a kid comes up to me and says “hey man! your CD was the first one that I ever owned (Daughtry was his FIRST CD – how COOL is that!)
than he says this –

” I WOULD LOVE to be another KIDS Daughtry!”

Dalton wants to win as the American Idol!

or he just wants to be able to Record songs with a band, and reach the same level of success as Chris Daughtry. I can see him singing – Dalton in a band of young guys (kind of like One Direction) and reaching a level of success that he’s been dreaming about since he was a little guy…)

#Predictionfeb192016 #daltonRapattoni 🙂

Twitter social media

as of Feb 19 2016


Dear Dalton
I’m going to suggest you delete the OLD twitter account because it’s very confusing and people that are not computer savy or not be able to read english (about 70% of the viewers on american idol speak SPANISH. So if you can, because it’s coming up as # 1 on Google Search. Your new account doesn’t come up AT all on Google Search. I’ll blog it so it does for you. hopefully it will fix it for you. 🙂

Feb 19, 2016.


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