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HOME – Lee Jean & Chris Daughtry – Top 24 Duet – AMERICAN IDOL Final Season 15 – February 2016

February 19, 2016

HOME – Lee Jean & Chris Daughtry – Top 24 Duet – AMERICAN IDOL Final Season 15 – February 2016


the idea girl says

loved the ROGER RABBIT dance steps from Chris Daughtry. I remember seeing him on American Idol and the shock I felt when he got voted off as #5 in Season 5. I knew he would be a super star and he is! Chris Daughtry is successful, They showed all his Platinum Album hits on a plaque (cool idea – so kudo’s to whoever thought up that idea!)

So this should show ANY one who performs on American Idol, millions of people are introduced to you on the TV Show. Whether you win, or leave. You can make your own destiny!

My ADVICE – write and sing songs and put them up on youtube! You can develop a HUGE Fan base on Youtube. You will aTTRACT Recording Managers and Companies by showing your smart with Social Media and promoting yourself. 🙂

That’s SOMETHING they look at too, while your contestant…. 🙂

I really enjoyed the harmonies and vocals with Lee and Chris and I was really AMUSED at DAughtry’s jumping on the couch (hello Tom Cruise – Katie HOlmes – Oprah interview memory!) when Lee’ makes it through 🙂


I cannot find one video with it! WHATT!!! I thought FOR Sure someone would get a snap shot or video of it!

Lee Jean Twitter Stats


the idea girl says
Lee’s done pretty good for followers, with only 202 tweets! 🙂

kudo’s to him for building up his social media on Twitter! 😉

I like the top picture (LOGO?) on his twitter, looks impressive!


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