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LIGHT ON – Olivia Rox & David Cook – Top 24 Duet – AMERICAN IDOL FINAL Season 15 – Feb 2016

February 19, 2016

LIGHT ON – Olivia Rox & David Cook – Top 24 Duet – AMERICAN IDOL FINAL Season 15 – Feb 2016



the idea girl says


Dear Jennifer Lopez

I am enjoying the same thing as you – GOOSIES!

This song really touched into my soul, I just had to blog a KUDO’s

to Both the amazing vocals and harmonies of David Cook and Olivia Rox.

She should write a new song with DAVID and release a DUET from both of them, their vocals mixed so well!

Dear world bloggers – share this video please! you will ALL enjoy this rock n roll style song.



Dear Olivia Rox

I notice you don’t have a very busy Twitter account. I see you’ve mainly been doing instagram which is great for young viewers, but many people watching American Idol are in their 30 to 50’s (we’ve been watching the show along with you all these years) and we don’t tend to use Instagram too much – most of us are CAMERA shy!)

so in order to build your fan base. I’m going to advice you to start working on your Twitter Social media ASAP 🙂

i don’t know if this is HER account or if it’s a fan of hers.

this is Olivia Rox instagram account (i think)

Olivia Rox 17 year old musician, traveling the world thru my music! 💖 #roxstars Sc: Oliviaroxstar
262 posts
217 following

Dear Olivia Rox

I like your BIO page, it’s very nice.

I would change the FIRST photo on it, to be YOU on the American Idol Stage, because FIRST impressions count. At first I thought I was on the WRONG site.

the majority of people looking at social media take 10 seconds to peek at a page and if it doesn’t grasp their attention, then go to another page instead.


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