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Dalton Rapattoni – Radioactive – American Idol – Mar 3, 2016 Rock Music Video

March 23, 2016

Dalton Rapattoni – Radioactive – American Idol – Mar 3, 2016 Rock Music Video

34296 views 23 March 2016

the idea girl says

Dalton has a nice tone and rich vocal and this is from the TV which doesn’t give it’s FULLness in vocals (mixing)

I cannot wait to hear these guys album recordings. We have a great bunch of singers this year so the competition is tough.

Dalton, don’t worry. Be happy, enjoy yourself. You’ve got this!

You will be singing to millions for a very long time in the future #prediction march 23, 2016.

Remember Daughtry? he went at #5 in his Season and look how successful he is!

Hard work, singing great and picking awesome songs that compliment your vocals is the best way to start in the MUsic INdustry.

Always be easy going, do what the producers want, and be easy to work with, and continue to grow in your talents. You and all the others will find new careers in the music industry…

It’s all how you present yourself. 🙂

so don’t worry. enjoy this moment in life and touch millions with your voice. 🙂

the idea girl in Canada.


good for you FANS!!!

I see your Twitter Followers is 33,000 more from 100,000 that last time I blogged your videos on American Idol.. 🙂

Follow our next SUPER STAR DALTON here:


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