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Writers cramp nanowrimo 2017 author Linda RAndall Chisholm a personal journey

December 12, 2017

Writers cramp nanowrimo 2017 author Linda RAndall Chisholm a personal journey

the idea girl says

In my final year of participating in the 50,000 words count challenge every november from 2008 to 2017, I write about my personal experiences of how it went from a day to day perspective.

I haven’t edited the manuscript. I just wrote it with pen in a notebook. Over 250 pages of written script. I made a video to show what I was working on this year…

Linda chisholm author writers cramp nanowrimo

the idea girl says
I enjoy sitting in different places to write my stories. Here I am in a hotel lounge enjoying some quiet time with harry beside me using his laptop to watch WWE while I write my personal memoirs…

I #confront the #man #stalking #me since 2014 to 2017 – #timhortons #crystalbeach #ontario #canada #white #GMC #equinox license plate # BTFA 038 LEAVE ME ALONE!

November 28, 2017

the idea girl says

I rented a house from this landlord BILL (william) Hart in 2014 at 154 high street in fort erie ontario canada .

He started stalking me the day I moved into his house. Complaints to the police were useless he’s friends with them. His family is as well.
So at the advice of legal counsel they said to “film him as he follows you.”
so I did.
He comes around several times one block up from where I am walking….

So I decide I’m going to go to Tim Hortons in Crystal BEach on Ridgeway RD and Roxborough Ave to confront him and get him on film.

The car and license plate are in full view. I say hello to my stalker!

He lives in fort erie, but likes to drive 40 km to come and harrass me , my husband and my dog whenever he can.

He usually follows us or drives up and down the street while we are out walking our dog.
I was walking daisy, and filmed him doing just that!
here’s the third time he drives by me when I realize the same car is trailing me….

I walk up to the tim hortons where he’s parked his car, and I catch him as he comes out of store….

I haven’t bothered to film him for the past three years…
I just got tired of him harrassing me.
WE settled out of court with #justiceniagara in #forterie #ontario #canada back in 2014.
He hasn’t gotten over it I guess. His family has been following us, filming us and taking pictures of us while were out eating at restaurants in fort erie ontario canada.
So this is my way of showing you who this person is, that I’ve talked about for three years….

some people put up bullying videos on the internet to make it stop. I’m hoping you will all help me stop him from bullying me and several other people who live in fort erie and crystal beach ontario canada.
I’m not the only woman he stalks. He stalks my husband, and other people that we know who charged him in court and won for other things he’s done….

NaNoWriMo 2017 – Idea Girl Consulting – Linda Randall Chisholm Personal STory Manuscript

November 6, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017 – Idea Girl Consulting – Linda Randall Chisholm Personal STory Manuscript
the idea girl says
I’m up to 20,000 + words as of Monday November 6 2017 (typed only) I have more pages written. That’s at page 109 and i’m writing at page 122. 😉

I’m almost half way to the goal of 50,000 word count. I feel better now. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. It’s been since 2013, that I last wrote a novel. That one was a blast! I miss working on that story.
I didn’t like doing the editing after it was written.
I gave up.

Now I’m back writing a personal story about my experiences with creating novels for NaNoWriMo 2017. I share writing twenty-six novels and the different things I learned while creating my interesting manuscripts that I’ve never tried to publish.
I did try to publish the first book and that’s where I got lots of feed back on my writing skills – good but needs more organization.

I gave up. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t spend hours and hours trying to edit it in a confused state of mind.

I’ve done very little blogging over the past few years.
I have done my research videos and blogged them on the idea girl says youtube channel and idea girl canada youtube channels.

That’s kept me busy!
I’ve taken the month of November 2017 to write another novel. And I am celebrating working on the WOW! alien radio SETI signal for 6 years!
The project began in November 2011. 🙂

the idea girl says youtube channel is doing well with
608,232 views, and 592 subscribers as November 6 , 2017. 🙂
I can’t wait till I reach one million views. I think I will have a party if and when I do….
you can still join me in the challenge to write a 50,000 word count novel within 30 days time!

you can watch my videos
the idea girl says

idea girl canada

NOrth Korea Ballistic Missile July 4, 2017 causes Earthquake to hit Port Colborne Ontario Canada – Lake Erie July 7 2017 at Same Latitude Longitude @realDonaldTrump

July 8, 2017

42.8754 -79.237 to Unnamed Road, North Hamgyong, North Korea – Google Maps to port colborne lake erie ontario canada


data found about port colborne earthquake

The magnitude 2.1 event occurred nine km WSW of Port Colborne at 7:04 a.m. Friday.


the idea girl says to

twitter @realDonaldTrump

42.8754 -79.237 to Unnamed Road, North Hamgyong, North Korea – Google Maps to port colborne lake erie ontario canada

+ Panghyon
AIRF 39�55’43″N 125�12’29″E KN11 XQ82 NJ51-04

I’m just looking at the data, and lets see on google maps they are in the same latitude longitude area, and a missile is launched July 4 2017

and than there’s an unusual earthquake july 7 2017 in lake erie by port colborne, so i was comparing the latitude and longitude to see if i’m right.

They are in the area, so this missile is affecting our Earth’s crusts and inner cores.

picturing the EArth being ROUND, if you overlap this area, is it on the opposite side of the world from north korea, and on the other side of the globe this missile goes down into the pacific ocean and heads to the earth’s core and pushes up and blasts the lake erie on the opposite side of the earth?

Atomic Energy, is affected

I’d like to see the DATA on the pacific ocean’s temperatures and see if it matches lake eries in this area at the time of the missile hitting pacific ocean, and then 3 days later affecting canada and perhaps other areas..


so North Korea is doing all these missile tests and if they have a device on the tip of it that not only can be a ballistic missile, but it can trigger LARGE earthquakes across North America, has anyone looked into this data?

Perhaps you should, you may have more of a threat than you realize!

Archaeological dig Old Fort Erie early 1774s shifting dirt wood structure

June 5, 2017

Archaeological dig Old Fort Erie early 1774 shifting dirt wood structure

the idea girl says
excavating dirt, looking for mortar, brick and stones from a building 1774 by old fort erie ontario canada

they found a structure, and today june 5th, i went back to see what they’ve got so far, a cow and pig bone from a type of brick stove found in the rubble, the building walls were shoved down and burnt during an attack by the USA military back after 1774 and before the war of 1812?
not sure of the historical details.. chatted with the people working there… got pictures of the site with harold on idea girl canada photo story.. wordpress blog.