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Linda Randall author the power of the platorm speakers on life march 29, 2013 aka the idea girl says

Linda Randall author the power of the platorm speakers on life march 29, 2013 aka the idea girl says

linda randall author writer blogger the idea girl nanowrimo

linda randall – the idea girl says – idea girl consulting – igc entertainment canada – the calamity girl

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Linda Randall Pink Hat eating a pancake yummy at White Meadows Farms

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Linda Randall Hiking May 21 2012

the idea girl says:

It’s June 28, 2012 and Linny’s decided it’s time to reduce her LONG winded bio to a shorter version for Literary Agents, Publishers and fans to read. I tried, honestly I tried. This one’s half the size. HAH!

People know me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube , WordPress and Blogger as:

the idea girl says
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IGC Entertainment Canada
and Linda Michelle Randall

linda randall smithsonia maual type writer stories age 8 years old

It all started on a  manual Smithsonian typewriter that was given to me for Christmas when I was in Grade 4. I was a glorified bookworm and writer at the tender age of 8 years old.

My English Teacher’s each year enjoyed a good chuckle or two over my humorous, true stories mixed with fiction tales.

Thirty-eight years later I expand my writing skills from real life stories to comical, paranormal,alien fact and fiction tales. I’ve written several different genre’s of manuscripts as a hobby.

Posted a few of the “rough” unedited drafts online on my wordpress blogs – Linda RandallThe Idea Girl SaysThe Calamity Girl and for authonomy readers to enjoy. Thanks to their positive comments they inspired me to keep writing and pursuing my goal – to have several of my novels published.

In 2009 I blogged about Author Robin Jay’s “The Art of the Business Lunch.” Along with Two Birds Publishing and twenty or so other authors I wrote a chapter about the importance of having a “Mentor for the Heart, Mind and Soul.” It was published in July 2010 as the “introduction” in the 3r trilogy book –  “The Power of the Platform Speakers on Life.” Words from my fans is that it is an inspiring read and it changed their lives. Just as Robin Jay’s book – The Art of the Business Lunch changed mine. Robin was there to encourage me to press on. She told me I was a good writer and that I had to keep working on it. I was at that time, ready to give up blogging.

I’ll be seeking a literary agent once I finish the manuscript for my science fiction young adult series of books. Only two of the manuscripts have been written for it, there’s four more outlines to be written.

The Calamity Girl Series has three books, The Munroe Series has ten books written and The Lilywind and Daisy the Magical Dog series has one book while The Magic Grammy series has two or three. I’ve written four screen plays so far (some will be converted into novels at a later date)

I’ve written Paranormal Historical Romance stories, Mysteries, Chick Lit, Children’s Fantasy books and now I’m doing a Fantasy type Science Fiction Alien Series based on a true story with a mixture of fiction to make it interesting to those who follow UFO – Alien type stories.

The Aliens of Lamat Series will probably end up being around six to ten novels. Its an action packed, nail biting, whats-going-to-happen-next-page-turner-set of stories. If it doesn’t get published. I will post it online for my fans to enjoy a good read.

I read Chris Baty’s book – “No Plot No Problem!” in 2008 and was introduced to the world of NaNoWriMo. I have twenty novels written and several more outlines of stories I plan to write in the future. In 2009 I was invited to participate in “Script Frenzy” and proceeded to write my first screenplay. I have four written so far. I love April’s each year because once the screenplay writing is done, I switch gears and write some novels or outlines ideas.

Then of course there’s my addiction to blogging. Music, movies, ghost stories, Paranormal Psychic Investigations, UFO sightings, Alien radio signals called “WOW” and my weather predictions.

I’ve made it my goal in 2012 to become a published author – this time with one of my manuscripts.

Be it a magazine article, a short story or one of my whole novels. I’ve picked the stories based on truth and fiction because it was the most fun to write. My novels are science fiction, chick lit, children’s books, young adult fiction and historical paranormal romances. I guess it’s taken me a long time to “edit” any of the manuscripts. I’m taking my time, learning the ropes and wanting to do it right.

I think I’m finally ready to get my toes wet. I’ve done my best to set up a half decent author’s platform as a blogger and video blogger (three channels – travel, entertainment news, my life stories, writing tips, novels I’ve written, alien radio signals, weather predictions and psychic missing person investigations – that about sums up what you will find on IGC Enertainment CA – Idea Girl Consulting – The Idea Girl Says on my You Tube Channels.)

I have a hubby known as Harold the Ghost Hunter (YouTube paranormal stories), a toy poodle (that is famous on YouTube for being cute and funny) Daisy, and two adult sons Tim and Jeff who I love very much.

Harold and I live in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada. We both love shooting videos, travelling around to different restaurants and tourist spots and entertaining thousands of people on YouTube. I enjoy writing and producing videos so that my millions of blog visitors can get a smile on their face everyday or find out what the latest news story is….


People know me on the internet as:

linda randall – the idea girl says – idea girl consulting – igc entertainment canada – the calamity girl
update bio june 24 2013

i am video blogging my research on the idea girl says youtube channel and blogging the videos along with research links, photos, graphs and cross referencing keywords on alien space science news wordpress blog.