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COLLINS NISSAN SENTRA Windows Whistling Rubber Clips Issue

May 9, 2017

COLLINS NISSAN SENTRA Windows Whistling Rubber Clips Issue

the idea girl says

you all know that I recommend things to my millions of readers, right?

I’m going to write you a warning..

From Personal experience, I find new cars a pain in the ass!

They have recalls…

which take up lots of your time…

The workmanship is done in Mexico and USA and it’s been a long process of aggrivation dealing with all it’s little “warranty covered issues”

This time it’s the windows

the rubber that seals the doors

whistling windows have a recall so you can get that annoying noise fixed now thanks to your WARRANTY!

Clips and rubber falls off the door after leaving the service center because the service guys didn’t put it on RIGHT….


six trips, in one month, three trips 5 months ago… it took 9 trips to the service centre to finally get it fixed.

and than an hour later, it fell apart … again, in a different spot.

thank you to the team that fixes things (managers that know how to deal with hot headed customers) and offer superb customer service.

however, as I’m going to warn you

a new car isn’t perfect

in fact, it ends up getting “issues” fixed for 25 times in 10 months, whereas a car (old geezer one) was reliable for 8 years (GM make) and never ended up in the garage once!

so lesson learned, save your pennies, and your sanity buy an older car the hell with how much gas it burns, at least it’s not in the garage every other month!

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