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Linda Randall

Linda Randall Google SEO Tips for Bloggers #PD14 Promo Day Sat 31 May 2014

Linda Randall Google SEO Tips for Bloggers #PD14 Promo Day Sat 31 May 2014

Linda Randall Google SEO Tips for Bloggers #PD14 Promo Day Sat 31 May 2014 with Jo Linsdell award winning blogger and best selling children’s author.


Promo Day #PD14 Jo Linsdell How to be Twittertastic Sat 31st May 2014  Twitter @promodayevent  linda randall the idea girl says

Promo Day #PD14 Jo Linsdell How to be Twittertastic Sat 31st May 2014 Twitter @promodayevent linda randall the idea girl says

Promo Day #PD14 Jo Linsdell How to be Twittertastic Sat 31st May 2014 Twitter @promodayevent linda randall the idea girl says

#PD13 andrea wilson dana lynn smith jessica McHugh Michelle Elliot Sandy Lender Jo Linsdell Linda Randall TC McKinney Virginia Jennings Greta King

#PD13 andrea wilson dana lynn smith jessica McHugh Michelle Elliot Sandy Lender Jo Linsdell Linda Randall TC McKinney Virginia Jennings Greta King

#PD13 andrea wilson dana lynn smith jessica McHugh Michelle Elliot Sandy Lender Jo Linsdell Linda Randall TC McKinney Virginia Jennings Greta King




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daisy, harry, linda randall christmas photo dec 2010 my hubby and pet photo


linda-randall-authors photo – the calamity girl series, the munroe series, children’s and young adult books, mystery, romance, paranormal writer

Linda Randall Pink Hat eating a pancake yummy at White Meadows Farms travel writer photography blogging igc entertainment canada

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June 28 2012 729 pm edt

I decided to update my bio’s on all of my blogs. They have gotten quite LONG so I’m changing it to two pages. This one’s about how I started blogging, writing novels and different projects I’ve worked on over the past few years since 2008.

I’ve removed it from my “old bio” page on the calamity girl wordpress blog. and created a new page called “linda randall”

Read my BIO here.

I currently have over one-hundred websites where I blog daily, weekly or monthly about Fashion, Writing, Creating a Fictional Character, Plot or Setting, and the art of writing dialogue in a novel.

I share my research on, Publishing, Literary Agents, Authors, New Music, Movies, Movie Directors and Producers.

I write about Books, Recipes, Cooking for Toddlers, Kids, Teens and Adults, Student Tools, Interior Decorating, Travel Ideas, Birthdays, Summer and Winter Vacations, Education, Party Planning, TV Shows like American Idol, America’s Next Top Model and WWE, TNA Wrestlers.

I post about Stephanie Meyers Twilight Saga, Cast Members, and JK Rowling Harry Potter Cast Members; new photos, fan made music videos, interviews and various other Celebrities that interest my readers.

I have a constant stream of comedians, singers, songwriters and celebrities sending me MySpace and YouTube URLS, with announcements for their Artists, Bands, Music, Internet TV Shows and Movies.

Usually a new Musician, Director, Movie Producer, Screen Writer or a Celebrity will contact me with their information and I will post a message for Hollywood Producers to make note of them.

If I find someone who is very talented, I promote them in any way possible and help them achieve success in their craft.

In 2008, I read Chris Baty’s Novel, “No Plot, No Problem!” And the book inspired me to start writing.  I participated in the 2008 challenge for NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month and had 30 Days to complete a manuscript)

I started writing The Mansion on the Hill and created The Munroe Series – A set of Historical Romances starting in early Canada from 1907 – 1921, following three generations of families up to the year 2018. The Key characters are the Munroe family, the Lafleurs, the Atkins and the Totenmyer Family. You can find websites about the originals on Squidoo- Linda Randall.

A fictional story set in Place Royale, Quebec, Canada with one hundred characters–it is six degrees of separation-where one person does something and it creates a ripple, affect in their community just like a play I saw at Shaw Festival in Niagara on the Lake.

“An Inspector Calls is a play written by English dramatist J. B. Priestley, first performed in 1945 (in Russia) and 1946 (in the UK). The play is a three-act drama, which takes place on a single night in 1912,[3] and focuses on the prosperous middle-class Birling family, who live in a comfortable home in Brumley, “an industrial city in the north Midlands”.[3] The family is visited by a man calling himself Inspector Goole, who questions the family about the suicide of a young working-class woman, Eva Smith (also known as Daisy Renton). Over the course of the evening, the entire family, under interrogation by Goole, are revealed to have been responsible for the young woman’s exploitation, abandonment and social ruin, effectively leading to her death.” [Source: Wikipedia].

I have several unfinished manuscripts for The Munroe Series.  I plan to finish all of them and have them published in the next few years.

Chris Baty talked about the importance of Authors setting up a platform so I created in November 2008.

After that site was shut down for spam in 2009 (I posted my emails and they didn’t like that) I started a new funny website called

In March of 2009, I registered my company name Idea Girl Consulting and started on my quest to become a Business Consultant and a writer.

I started blogging on in Feb 2009, but the posts were far and few between. It was not until May 13th, 2009 that I started writing daily.

I completed the rough draft of a brand new Historical Romance-60,000 words-The Munroe Mansion – The Beginning in June of 2009. It will be Book One of Fifteen in The Munroe Series.

I began a new blog called on July 15th, 2009 – I was blogging about writing novels and would become my Entertainment site for my readers to enjoy while taking a break from their writing.

In 2009 I made over 120 websites on Squidoo. I reached the status of Giant Squid on June 30th, 2009. (The goal was to make 50 lenses by the end of June)

In December 2009, I wanted to concentrate on building my blog traffic up and learning how to make YouTube videos. So I made videos about the things that I blog about and posted them on

I put my Word Press websites and and my blog traffic tripled within days.

In The New Writer’s Handbook 2007 by Philip Martin – it talks about creating various tools to promote a book or an author.

I looked at the rough drafts and manuscripts-The Munroe Series that I was posting on Squidoo and decided it did not look very professional.  The idea was to share my goals, dreams and steps to becoming an author while writing about my novels.  My story lines have since changed for The Munroe Series, so I removed thirty sites and kept the twelve sites that were getting interest from my readers.

I will be using these sites as a reference tool for when I start writing The Munroe Series again.

As for my Chick Lit Series, I started thinking about The Calamity Girl’s character – Rachel Tornquist about ten years ago.

At the time, I was recently single and dating different people. I kept having mishaps in my daily life and the more I thought about it, the more I would joke about being “The Calamity Girl.”

In November 2009, I entered and won The NaNoWriMo Challenge for the Niagara Region.  The goal was to write a 50,000-word, rough draft, manuscript and have it completed within a 30-day period.

I managed to write out my story in a notebook in about two days time and then have it typed up two weeks later.  My research for Toronto, Canada, New York City and California took more time than actually writing the story itself.

Something in my soul prompted me to write about a character that had been a part of my imagination for so many years. I used to call myself Rachel Tornquist (it was my writers name for my blogs) and now I have brought her to life in my new Romantic Fiction – Chick Lit Novel – called The Calamity Girl – The Promotion; a completed manuscript (final rough draft) of 54,000 words. The manuscript has been moved to this site.

I have to do my final revising and make sure it is ready before sending it out Query Letters to a Literary Agent of choice.

I am hoping that St Martin’s Press will like my story, because I love their lime green Chick Lit Book Covers.

Rachel Tornquist is a rich and successful executive with one main problem; bad luck.  She is “The Calamity Girl.” Along comes Michael Thompson Ferraras, the mysterious and secretive stranger, who becomes her knight in shining armour on several occasions.

Rachel finds out that she has a ton of problems at work that she must solve, or her reputation could be in ruins.  She finds out that several people are trying to get revenge on her and they will use anyone around her to get information to use against her. Rachel begins to wonder who is friend or foe in her life as shocking secrets reveal that some of her closest friends are absolute traitors.

Michael invites Rachel to go on holiday with him and he finds out the hard way that Rachel has a commitment phobia.  Michael, a confirmed bachelor who has been obsessed with Rachel for many years; tries to get closer to her but finds that all she wants is to do is run the other way…

In April 2010 I won the “Script Frenzy” challenge for the screenplay “Forgive Me; I’m Not Perfect.”

In July 2010 I am a published writer in The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau Third Anthology titled – ” The Power of the Platform – Speakers on Life” along with Robin Jay, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Brian Tracy and several more authors. My article is the “introduction” – Mentors for the Heart, Mind and Soul.

You can contact me on Facebook – Linda Randall or Idea Girl Consulting

The Munroe Series set of ten novels rough drafts are on my new author’s journal/ blog started October 24, 2010 – all ten historical, romance, paranormal, mystery novels can now  be read in order.

My authors journal is on the blog as well. I write about my current projects, submissions to Literary Agents and my entertainment videos that I am creating on youtube.

In November 2010 I registered my second company name – IGC Entertainment Canada. I’m expanding Idea Girl Consulting (business, writing, author name into the media, arts, movie entertainment industry) into a movie , web tv company in 2011.

You can view the different types of videos and movies that I make on my youtube channels.

I also love photography and I show case my photos on my blog spot websites along with writers typing tunes music videos that I love writing too.

In December 2010 I decided to start shooting fun pet videos starring my toy poodle Daisy and Harry my sweetheart. Both of them inspired me to write my children’s books which will be online in 2011 to read. Daisy Tales, Daisy Goes to the Doggie Park and Lilywind and Daisy the Magical Dog.

I won the Nanowrimo 2010 Challenge in November for my young adult fantasy novel called “Grammy’s Magic Cottage.” It’s still in the process of being edited and will be posted online in 2011.

Summary for 2010
I wrote the rough drafts to 17 novels and 2 screenplays. Created over 200 youtube videos and according to wordpress I posted well over 658 blog postings on the calamity girl word press blog (I have 12 blogs and i do the same on each so crunching numbers on my own that makes about – 7,896 blog posts for 2010 – wordpress only (doesn’t include blog spot or squidoo lenses) WOW!) and was given the AWESOME award from wordpress for a job well done. 🙂

did some more number crunching and I estimate for word press blogs 12, 000 posts were done in 2010!

Squidoo Gave me level 38 (one of the highest levels you can achieve – squid angel and applying for the 100 lens awards now) and 9 trophies for my 104 lenses.

I started doing remote viewings, psychic dreams and visions for missing person or unsolved murder mystery cases in 2010. I also work with other psychic crime fighters on cases they need help with as well. Victoria Stafford’s case was the first one I blogged about and helped solve in 2009.

I write about my “paranormal experiences” on my squidoo lenses and the victoria stafford a psychic investigation blog on word press for over 20 unsolved murder mystery or missing persons cases. Some of the cases I am involved in are – victoria stafford, jessie foster, jessica neilson, stacey peterson, kyron horman, Lyle & marie Mc Cann, Jessica Lloyd,marie franc comeau, Col Russell Williams, Andrew Compton, Gregory O’Bryan . Things that I write about have help to solve several unsolved murder cases and the victims bodies – human remains have been found and their killers are tried and convicted in jail.

2011 update

On April 10, 2011 I found out that my blogger website would no longer allow me to post my photography photos due to lack of space so I started a dedicated blog for travel, restaurant reviews and community events for the Niagara Region.

Update August 2011
Grammy’s Magic Cottage my young adult fantasy novel you can vote for me to get published and read the first three chapters of my manuscript.

Update November 2011
Winner NaNoWriMo 2011 – Grammy’s Magic Space Ship

Update 2012

Winner of Script Frenzy 2012 – The Aliens of Lamat and the Hidden Scrolls

Since Dec 7, 2011 I’ve been decoding an alien radio signal called WOW! on the idea girl says youtube

As of May 10 2012

I’ve made 1311 youtube videos! WOW!

343 – idea girl consulting
433 – Igc Entertainment ca
535 – the idea girl says


WordPress – 1000 000 views in 2010, 2011 – idea girl consulting , the idea girl says

*working on getting all the blogs up to that much*

May 10 2012 UPdate

During Script Frenzy April 2012 I started writing a young adult Science Fiction screenplay called “The Aliens of Lamat and the Hidden Scrolls” it is part two of a four part series.

Books #1 – The Alien Within Me the rough draft has just been typed up and is currently being edited by moi.

update the rough draft has been edited and rewriting working on the “polished manuscript” – June 28 2012

Book #2 – Written after the screenplay (added stuff to the story) is called The Aliens of Lamat and the Hidden Scrolls (the story is based on true facts or events and the story line is being fictionalized for your entertainment)

Books #3, 4 are in rough draft outline (to be written hopefully this year)

Because the WOW SETI DATA decoding project is so HUGE I’m currently on Line 18 of 27, its taken me hundreds of hours to research and film the data. (true space stuff for NASA and other observatories to look at) It’s what I call my “brainy” project. Where I get to challenge myself. I know nothing about space so it’s been quite the learning experience. Researching the data is interesting, fun and at times tedious but I know there’s a hidden message in there and it will help humanity speed up our travel times into outer space and to distant planets – the goal is to be able to visit the Kepler Star Region. (massive but that’s me. I like to see the impossible become possible since I am one who always thinks “outside” the box.)

As for all the manuscripts i’m going to post for you to read, I didn’t do much in 2011 after being through two car accidents, suffering neck, back and brain injury it hampered my goals for a time… I’m working on them still, in little bits and pieces.

I hope someday you will be able to read all my novels.

In the future I plan to create youtube book channels for you.

I’m going to tell you the stories that I write.

I think you will like that and it will be easier for ME to get them up there for all of YOU to enjoy. 🙂

the digital age has arrived.

In 2012 my goal is to have ONE of my stories or novels published.

I’m working on different projects and it’s already May (another bout of illness to deal with has slowed THIS goal down).

so there you have it.

I updated this today when I realized I hadn’t visited this page in quite a awhile.

This also helps me. I have some memory loss and now i’m asking myself. Where are ALL those stories you wrote linny?

answer… somewhere in your office. 🙂

Linda Randall lives in the Niagara Region in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  She enjoys writing and blogging and lives with her common law hubby Harold ( will be getting married in the future) and Daisy their toy poodle who is 11 years old as of Dec 26, 2010.  She has two adult sons named Tim and Jeff Tenbrinke from a previous marriage, who she is very proud of and loves to brag about and post their music videos on her blogs.

Sunday October 24, 2010

I created a new site under my name so that I could post some of my novels from The Munroe Series.  I have a blog called “The Munroe Mansion” and that has book one from the series on it.  The second blog is called “The Munroe Series” where I post facts, music for typing tunes and updates on each of the novels.

I started writing the original manuscript in August of 2008 and I’ve slowly been working on it ever since.  I did take several months off and now I wish I hadn’t.  My goal for 2010 was to get all ten novels written (the rough drafts) and I have managed to do that.

Now I’m posting the finished ones as I go along.  I also have them posted on  On Squidoo I am creating Fictional Character Profiles with photos and personality traits for each person that I write about in The Munroe Series so that you can get a visual idea of how I see them.

I also blog about music, arts, movies and entertainment everyday and I enjoy it very much.  I started my daily blogging in July of 2009 and I’ve been doing it ever since.

July 2010 is when I first became a published author in The Power of the Platform – Speakers on Life, along with 22 other authors.  Thanks to Robin Jay, I feel like a true author because someone asked if I wanted to be a part of their book project.

I can’t wait until my own novels are published and I look forward to someday finding a Literary Agent to represent me, and help me reach that goal.

I have the movie and book trailers that I have created on my channel –

I also write women’s fiction, mysteries, romance, screenplays and children’s stories.  I will be posting them in the future.



I’ve created a original artist and film, ontario travel and tourism photography, music videos along with my press pass conferences, celebrity interviews and webtv comedy show on  youtube to coincide with my new entertainment company where I blog new artists music, album and concert youtube video announcements along with interview photos and more.


I’ve created a new travel blog dedicated to festivals, events and ideas for the Fort Erie, Ridgeway, Stevensville, Crystal Beach, Port Colborne, and Welland areas. #NIFF Niagara Integrated Film Festival and the HIAFE June Awareness month plus some other “festival” and “business” ideas that I am working on are on there.

author blogger executive YouTube film producer the idea girl - Linda Randall photo by Editor Sarah Ferguson Fort Erie Times Ontario Canada 17 Apr 2014 (taken Jan 20, 2014) #NIFF #PD14 #promoday

author blogger executive YouTube film producer the idea girl – Linda Randall photo by Editor Sarah Ferguson Fort Erie Times Ontario Canada 17 Apr 2014 (taken Jan 20, 2014) #NIFF #PD14 #promoday

author blogger executive YouTube film producer the idea girl – Linda Randall photo by Editor Sarah Ferguson Fort Erie Times Ontario Canada 17 Apr 2014 (taken Jan 20, 2014) #NIFF #PD14 #promoday

April 17 2014

the idea girl says

So cool!

I didn’t even know it was in the paper – Thanks to Dorothy at the Fort Erie Public Library for telling Harry my husband – “hey your wife is famous!” LOL

Thanks to Ge
My idea about bringing #NIFF Niagara Integrated Film Festival after conducting an interview on 20 Jan 2014 with Editor Sarah Ferguson into the Fort Erie Region was published here.