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The Idea Girl Says YouTube channel 97 294 views 24 Nov 2012 – Linda Randall Video Blogging Alien UFO Radio Signal WOW

The Idea Girl Says YouTube channel 97 294 views 24 Nov 2012 – Linda Randall Video Blogging Alien UFO Radio Signal WOW

WOW! Data Lines Math Equations

I video blog my research on my paranormal ghost stories ufo sightings severe storm psychic predictions site up to October 2012.

As of October 26, 2012, new and existing videos that are filmed and uploaded to the idea girl says youtube channel are being blogged on my new site:

I took a picture of a printed copy of the WOW! binary code alien radio signal data.

WOW Signal received at SETI on Aug 15 1977



6EQUJ5 is the alien signal. I’ve looked at the lines of data around it based on the FIRST photo I found about it. I didn’t realize there’s three times the amount of binary code in the original. I’m only decoding lines 1 to 27 from the coordinates show in the picture and typed below it.

black hole drawing create a wormhole within a wormhole the idea girl says linda randall

black hole drawing create a wormhole within a wormhole the idea girl says linda randall

I drew a mind map of line equations on the WOW! theory dated January 6, 2012 when I start to video blog my findings. The project started December 7, 2011 with an “alien meditation.” After hearing President Barack Obama’s speech on the fact that the USA government has no proof of any alien contact with earth. I intend based on real scientific evidence and archaeological artifacts along with alien species, UFO Sightings and finally the crop circles to figure out if we are believing in something that exists or if it’s all in our imaginations.

The WOW! alien radio signal received by NASA and SETI Institute on August 15, 1977 has hidden math equations in it. They are in relation to the way the MAYA did their ancient math equations over 3000 years ago. I found out this fact AFTER I had decoded the answers to EACh equation found in LInes 1 and 27 of the data that i picked around the 6EQUJ5 number.

What I find is amazing. Components for us to build a fast UFO Engine Space Ship based on scientific results, tests, patents and inventions that many of you have created with the use listed as “unknown.” Meaning you have created an invention. But you don’t know what it can be used for. It’s part of a puzzle given to humanity. Alien Technology sent in bits and pieces just like binary code is for the alien radio signals that earth continues to receive every year since we sent out a message to them in 1972 called the ARECIBO message.

They have attempted to contact us ever since. They are ancient astronauts that left earth over 3000 years ago, in fact I’ll say it’s around 10,000 years ago. When there was a great earthquake caused by an ELE Event with an Asteroid. There’s documented evidence with NASA that this occurred around the same time as Plato’s writings concerning the City of Atlantis and it’s continent sinking into the Indian Ocean near INdonesia and South Africa.

From this WOW! signal, not only will technology be advanced in all sectors as the Mayan Calendar predicts for December 21, 2012 (not the END of the WORLD, the END of an era or shall we say, man shall be enlightened and we will reach a new level of technology breakthroughs kind of like we did in the early 1900s when thousands of new inventions came into being. The same shall happen in 2012.)

It also states that it will be a year of famine, drought, sun storms and turmoil for the earth as the axis may tilt the poles causing mass destruction. That’s a fact that can happen because it did 10,000 years ago. To the Maya when millions of them disappeared off the face of the earth and no one’s been able to figure out where they are.

According to this alien meditation and message received in December 2011, they Mayan ancient astronauts claim to be living in the kepler star region. The one that NASA and SETI have confirmed to have thousands of habitable planets. What we call Kepler 22b, The Maya call the Planet of Lamat. In April 2012 I wrote a fictional novel and screenplay about the Maya story. The reason I say it’s fictional is because I’m not absolutely sure they live on Kepler 22b. But with this UFO space ship engine we might be able to prove otherwise if all those in this world take the time and money to build it…

I’m not a scientist but i’m a spiritually connected person. I see things in the future that come true. I write up predictions about storms and disasters to warn people so that they can prepare for it ahead of time, in case it happens. Many things have come true, some haven’t .. yet.

I believe there’s a power in the universe and I believe someone sent me a message. Was it an alien? It says it is. I hope someday to meet said alien with my own eyes, shake their hand and tell them thanks for providing a way for us to save our selves in the case that earth does the same thing it did 10,000 years ago, flood the earth, sink many continents into the ocean where thousands of cities went under the oceans caused by tsunami’s from a GREAT earthquake.

I video blog my research on the idea girl says youtube channel. I post the videos along with all research notes found with some photos so you can understand what the terminology is about. I thank you for sharing these findings and trying out the formula’s as I write them up while doing each piece of research. I’ve already logged in thousands of hours doing this with up to 180 videos as of April 10, 2012. I do this as a hobby. I do this to help speed up technology. I do this to exercise my brain. I do this because someday I want to fly in this UFO you build and go see the Kepler 22b planet up close (if I can). That is my ultimate goal. This was a surprise to me. It’s the last thing i expected to be doing in 2012. I was planning to travel and video blog my restaurant reviews and go see my planet before something bad happened to it.

I’m traveling a little bit here and there and blog those videos on my other youtube channels igcentertainmentca and ideagirlconsulting. I also write novels, screenplays and blogs as a full time hobby which are fictional tales. And then I’ll google some of the stuff that comes up in the stories and find out it’s real historical events and get freaked out about it. The Aliens of Lamat and the Hidden Scrolls, I wrote a story about the WOW! signal (true story) and mixed it with a fictional tale about some ancient astronauts. Later I google some of the things that come up and find out they are true…

how did I find the math equations?

something told me to connect the dots by connecting the one’s.

I drew lines on it (video shows how I did it in lines 1) and looked at the numbers and started to divide the “ones” that are connected…

in each video you will see the math equation, it’s answer and when I google the “answer” I find the DATA.

Video Title
Line 1 Alien UFO WOW Dr. Jerry R. Ehman EM Drive Atomic Energy Spacecraft Propulsion

2 / 21 = 0.0952380952

0.0952380952 outer space google search ( see if it’s connected in ANY way to outerspace and yep DATA comes up about NASA’s spaceship projects)

Roothaan-Hartree-Fock atomic wave functions Slater basis-set …

A Theory of Microwave Propulsion for spacecraft

Roger shawyer c.eng MIEE

Spr ltd

The Em Drive A New Concept in Spacecraft Propulsion

A new invention, patent comes up.

I didn’t know what propulsion meant so I google that and find out JEt Propulsion NASA

that’s when i knew there was something odd about these math equations.

Much of the data coming up stems from the 17th Century (first theories and discoveries all the way through the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s…to FUTURE drawings of THINGS NASA wants to make but doesn’t have the technology to do so)

Then the data about the “neutrinos” comes up and I start coming up with formula ideas for them to make them travel faster than the speed of light.

It’s been an educational learning experience for me and for those of you who have taken the time to watch each of the videos, I thank you.

mind map line equations started jan 6 2012 video blogging WOW! Theories SETI the idea girl says

WOW! Alien RAdio Signal 6EQUJ5 19hh 16mm48ss 27dd star coordinates math equations decoding the idea girl says youtube

WOW! Alien Radio Signal hidden Math Equations the idea girl says youtube video blogging

WOW! SETI Math Equations Co Ordinates Radio Signal August 15, 1977 the idea girl says youtube

I always think “outside of the box” and that is what I did with this alien radio signal 6EQUJ5

Line 7 – Each Letter has a meaning (it’s been video blogged)

feb 28/12 video


signal from star coordinates decoding LInes 1 to 27

19 HH 16 MM 48 SS 27 DD

19HH 15 MM 36 SS -27

19 HH 17 MM 48 SS 27 DD

19HH 19MM 35 SS -27 DD


I only intend to do these 27 lines for now….

wow signal aug 15 1977 narrowband radio signal detected by Dr Jerry R Ehman – the idea girl says youtube deciphering alien messages UFOs Mayas Kepler 22 b Planets Solar System

wow seti alien radio contact signal aug 15 1977 The location of the signal in the constellation Sagittarius, near the Chi Sagittarii star group.

Aliens Mayas UFO Kepler 22 Planet squidoo linda randall the idea girl writing building space ship technology nibiru johannes kepler

wow seti alien contact ufo crop circle kepler 22b james webb newton arecibo crystal skulls CERN the idea girl says youtube

aliens-mayas-ufo-kepler-22-planet the celestial sphere 1 understand right ascension and declination look up address of object in sky and know where its located.

Coma Berenices IAU m 100 messier star chart virgo – maya pegasus planetary location wow seti 1977 signal the idea girl says

tekanto Google MapsGoogle Map To Izamal Archaeological Ruins And Monastery Friar Diego de Landa the lost scrolls maya codixes itza

I’m working on another project after writing the novel and screenplay. I’ll try and pinpoint where the ancient lost scrolls of the maya itza and mayan library scrolls location might be using google as my road map. I know that the Mitchell – Hedges Crystal Skull has information with it and you need a blue stone tablet that has a map. Linked to the underground tunnels of Iximche and Guatamela. I need the map to see if I can figure it out. IF you can tell me where to find that map online (underground tunnels for Iximche) I’d appreciate it. Thanks.. message me on youtube the idea girl says

I originally thought this was going to be 15 videos. This was before I discovered there was an alien radio signal called WOW!

I use clear quartz crystals for my alien meditations. I didn’t know that the crystal skulls are made up of the same material.

Mitchell-Hedges-Skull the skull of Dunn Lubaantun Belize near Mexico Roatan Iximche



One of the alleged newly discovered Maya codices, from Johan Normark’s Archaeological Haecceities

photos from

i am video blogging my research on the idea girl says youtube channel and blogging the videos along with research links, photos, graphs and cross referencing keywords on alien space science news wordpress blog.